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A Duty

Categories: ROBBERIES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

It is the duty of every bee-keeper, who expects to succeed, to know

which his weak stocks are; an examination some cool morning, can be

made by turning the hive bottom up, and letting the sun among the

combs. The number of inhabitants in them is easily seen. When weak,

close the entrance, till there is just room for one bee to pass at

once. The first real pleasant days, at any time before honey is

obtained plentifully,
a little after noon, look out for them to

commence robbing. Whenever a weak stock is taken with what appears to

be a fit of unusual industry, it is quite certain they are either

robbers or young bees; the difficulty is to decide which. Their motions

are alike, but there is a little difference in color--the young bees

are a shade lighter; the abdomen of the robbers, when filled with

honey, is a little larger. It requires close, patient observation, to

decide this point, and when you have watched close enough to detect

this difference, you can decide without trouble.