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A Room Made For Wintering Bees

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

In the fall of 1849 I built a room for this purpose; the frame was

eight by sixteen feet square, and seven high, without any windows. A

good coat of plaster was put on the inside, a space of four inches

between the siding and lath was filled with saw-dust; under the bottom

I constructed a passage for the admission of air, from the north side;

another over head for its exit, to be closed and opened at pleasure, in

moderate weather, to give them fresh air, but closed when cold, and so

arranged as to exclude all the light.

A partition was extended across near the centre. This was to prevent

disturbing the whole by letting in light when carrying them out in the

spring. By closing the door of this partition, those in one room only

need be disturbed at once.