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Another Method Of Uniting Two Families

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

I have occasionally adopted yet another method of making a good stock

from two poor ones, which the reader may prefer. When all your old

stocks have been reinforced that need it, and you still have some

swarms with too few bees and too little honey for safety as they are,

two or more can be united. The fact, which has been thoroughly tested,

that two families of bees, when united and wintered in one hive, will

consume but little, if any more, than each of them would separately, is

a very important principle in this matter. If each family should have

fifteen pounds of honey, they would consume it all, and probably starve

at last, after eating thirty pounds. But if the contents of both were

in one hive, it would be amply sufficient, and some to spare in the