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Another Time Preferred

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

There is but one period from February till October, when prosperous

stocks are free from young brood in the combs. If combs are taken out

when occupied, there must be a loss of all the young bees they contain;

which may be avoided. The old queen leaves with the first swarm; all

the eggs she leaves in the worker-cells will be matured in about

twenty-one days, consequently this is the time to clear out the old

combs with
the least waste. A few drones will be found in the cells,

that would require a few days more to hatch, but these are of no

account. Also a few very young larvae and some eggs may be sometimes

found, the product of the young queen; these few must be wasted, but as

the bees have expended no labor upon them as yet, it is better to

sacrifice these than the greater number left by her mother, which have

consumed their portion of food; the bees have sealed them up, and now

only require the necessary time to mature, to make a valuable addition

to the stock.