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Are Not Bees Directed Alone By Instinct?

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

On this subject I have but little to say, as I have failed to discover

anything uncommonly remarkable, separate and distinct in one swarm,

that another would not exhibit. I have found one swarm guided alone by

instinct, doing just what another would under the same circumstances.

Writers, not contented with the astonishing results of instinct, with

their love of the marvellous, must add a good share of reason to their<
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other faculties,--"an adaptation of means to ends, that reason alone

could produce." It is very true, without close inspection, and

comparing the results of different swarms in similar cases, one might

arrive at such conclusion. It is difficult, as all will admit, "to tell

where instinct ends, and reason begins." Instances of sagacity, like

the following, have been mentioned. "When the weather is warm, and the

heat inside is somewhat oppressive, a number of bees may be seen

stationed around the entrance, vibrating their wings. Those inside will

turn their heads towards the passage, while those outside will turn

theirs the other way. A constant agitation of air is thus created,

thereby ventilating the hive more effectually." _All full stocks do

this in hot weather._