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Are They All Guilty?

Categories: ENEMIES OF BEES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

But some of these are probably clear of any actual mischief. I strongly

suspect that the spirit of destructiveness with many people is

altogether too active. There are some farmers, with this principle

predominant, so short-sighted, that if it was in their power they would

destroy a whole class of birds, because some of them had picked a few

cherries, or dug out a few hills of corn, when, at the same time, they

are indebted to their activity in devouring worms, insects, &c., that

would otherwise have destroyed entire crops! It will be well,

therefore, before condemnation, to see if on the whole we are to be

gainers or losers by an indiscriminate slaughter, without judge or