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Cat-bird Acquitted

Categories: ENEMIES OF BEES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

The cat-bird also comes in for a share of censure. It is said "they

will get right down by the hive, and pick up bees by the hundred." Yet,

right in the face of this charge, I am disposed to acquit him. With the

closest observation, I find him about the hive, picking up _only_ young

and immature bees, such as are removed from the combs and thrown out.

They may be seen as soon as the first rays of light make objects

visible about the apiary, looking for their morning supply, as well as

frequent visits during the day. Should an unlucky worm be in sight just

then, while looking up a place for spinning a cocoon, or a moth

reposing on some corner of the hive, their fate is at once decided.

Before destroying this bird, it would be well to judge by actual

observation as to facts; otherwise we might "destroy a friend instead

of a foe."