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Should Not Be Delayed

Categories: PRUNING.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Should this operation be put off for a time much longer than three

weeks, the young queen will so fill the combs again as to make it a

serious loss. Therefore, I wish to urge strongly attention to this

point at the proper season. If you think it unimportant to mark the

date of your first swarms for the purposes mentioned in another place,

it will be found very convenient here, for those that need pruning.

It is also recommended by some, to take only a part, say one-third or

half, in a season; thereby taking two or three years to renew the

combs. This is advisable only when the family is very small. As this

space made by pruning cannot be filled without wax and labor, our

surplus honey will be proportionate to its extent. Now suppose we take

out half the old combs, and get half a yield of box honey this year,

and the same next, or make a full operation of it and get none this

year, and a full one next. What is the difference? There is none in

point of honey, but some in trouble, and that is in favor of a full

operation at once. We have to go through with about the same trouble to

get one-third or half as to take the whole.