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The Boston Terrier Club Constitution



This Association shall be known as and called the Boston Terrier




The object of the Club shall be to promote and encourage the

breeding and improvement of the Boston Terrier Dog, as defined

by its standard.



SECTION 1. Applications for membership must be accompanied by

the membership fee and endorsed by two members, and made at

least seven days before action by the Club, to the secretary or

a member of the membership committee, who shall refer it to said

committee for investigation.

SEC. 2. Any member can resign from the Club by sending his

resignation to the secretary in writing, and upon the acceptance

of such, all his interest in the property of the Club ceases

from the date of such resignation.

SEC. 3. Any member whose dues shall remain unpaid for one month

after the same becomes due, shall cease to be a member, and

forfeit to the Club all claims and benefits to which he would

have been entitled as a member, provided that the executive

committee may consider his case, and upon sufficient cause

shown, reinstate him to membership upon payment of his dues.



SECTION 1. The officers of the Club shall consist of a

president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and an

executive committee, of which three shall constitute a quorum;

said committee to consist of the above named officers and three

active members chosen by the Club.

SEC. 2. Any office vacated during the year shall be filled by

the executive committee.


SECTION 1. Nomination for officers and judges for the ensuing

year shall be made either by mail or from the floor, at a

meeting to be held in November, at least twenty days prior to

the annual meeting, the call to contain the purpose of the

meeting, after which nominations shall be closed. The secretary

shall mail a ballot containing all regular nominations to each

member in time to be voted at the annual meeting.

SEC. 2. The officers of the Club shall be chosen by ballot at

the annual meeting and shall hold their respective offices for

one year or until their respective successors are elected.

SEC. 3. Mail voting shall be allowed on amendments to the

Constitution, By-Laws, Standard and Scale of Points.

SEC. 4. Each member shall have the right to vote on the election

of officers and judges by mailing the official ballot duly

marked and sealed to the secretary, and enclosed in an envelope,

which envelope shall also contain the name of the member so




SECTION 1. There shall be meetings of the Club, at which seven

members present and voting shall constitute a quorum, held at

Boston, Mass., at such time and place as the president may

direct, but the annual meeting shall be held on the second

Wednesday in December of each year.


SEC. 2. A special meeting of the Club shall be called by the

president on the written application of five members in good